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Table 2 Summary of photoelectrocatalytic water oxidation at different ITO/WO 3 photoanodes calcined at 500°C in 0.1 M phosphate solution

From: Unique and facile solvothermal synthesis of mesoporous WO3 using a solid precursor and a surfactant template as a photoanode for visible-light-driven water oxidation

Sample name Charge (C) nO2(μmol) FEO2a(%) nH2b(μmol) FEH2c(%)
WO3-DDA 0.89 1.49 65.2 4.46 97.4
WO3-bulk 0.23 0.35 58.1 0.89 74.3
  1. aFaradic efficiency of O2 evolution. bnH2 is the amount of H2 evolved in the Pt counter electrode compartment. cFaradic efficiency of H2 evolution.