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Figure 2

From: A single poly-Si gate-all-around junctionless fin field-effect transistor for use in one-time programming nonvolatile memory

Figure 2

SEM and TEM images of the single poly-Si JL-FinFET GAA NVM. (a) The top-view SEM image of the active region of single poly-Si JL-FinFET GAA NVM with gate length (Lg) = 0.1 μm. (b) The TEM image of cross-section of the single poly-Si JL-FinFET NVM with GAA-NWs. (c) The effective channel width (Weff) is 200 nm × 10 [(93 nm × 2 + 7 nm × 2) × 10)]. (d) The oxide/nitride layers are designed to be 4.5 nm thick/7.3 nm thick.

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