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Table 5 Anti-bacterial activity of SS-capped AgNPs (5 mg/mL SS + 5 mM AgNO 3 ) against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

From: Green synthesis of silk sericin-capped silver nanoparticles and their potent anti-bacterial activity

Gram Bacterial strain Concentration of SS-capped AgNPs (mM) MIC (mM)
   0.001 0.004 0.008 0.017 0.034  
+ MRSA T T/C C C C 0.008
+ S. aureus T T/C C C C 0.008
+ B. subtilis T T/C C C C 0.008
P. aeruginosa T C C C C 0.004
A. baumannii C C C C C 0.001
E. coli T C C C C 0.004
  1. T, turbid suspension; T/C, slightly turbid suspension; C, clear solution.