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Table 3 Morbidity and mortality data of experimental rats

From: Acute oral toxicity and biodistribution study of zinc-aluminium-levodopa nanocomposite

Groups Dose ( concentration ) Toxicity sign t / n Mortality d / a Gross pathology l / nl
ZAL 2,000 mg/kg 0/7 0/7 0/7
ZA 2,000 mg/kg 0/7 0/7 0/7
VC 100 mL/kg 0/7 0/7 0/7
  1. Table showing morbidity and mortality data after a single high dose (2,000 mg/kg) given to the rats in the treatment group as well as normal saline given to the control group. Based on the dose used, no rats showed any sign of clinical toxicity, no death recorded and no obvious gross pathology seen in the organs studied. Data are expressed as mean ± SD, n = 7. t/n toxic/normal, d/a dead/alive, l/nl lesion/no lesion.