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Erratum to: Plasmonic molecules via glass annealing in hydrogen

  • Alexey Redkov1, 2,
  • Semen Chervinskii1, 3Email author,
  • Alexander Baklanov1, 4,
  • Igor Reduto1, 2,
  • Valentina Zhurikhina1 and
  • Andrey Lipovskii1, 2
Nanoscale Research Letters201510:201

Received: 12 March 2015

Accepted: 17 March 2015

Published: 28 April 2015

The original article was published in Nanoscale Research Letters 2014 9:606


The original version of this article [1] referred to supplementary material which was subsequently not made available alongside the publication. The material can be found as part of this erratum (Additional file 1). The publisher would like to apologise to the authors for this oversight.



Authors’ Affiliations

Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University
Department of Physics and Technology of Nanostructures, St. Petersburg Academic University
Institute of Photonics, University of Eastern Finland
Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of RAS


  1. Redkov A, Chervinskii S, Baklanov A, Reduto I, Zhurikhina V, Lipovskii A. Plasmonic molecules via glass annealing in hydrogen. Nanoscale Res Lett. 2014;9:606.View ArticleGoogle Scholar


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