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Fig. 6

From: Three-Dimensional Metal-Oxide Nanohelix Arrays Fabricated by Oblique Angle Deposition: Fabrication, Properties, and Applications

Fig. 6

Light scattering effects [24]. a–d Distribution of the electric field magnitude at the WO3 surfaces of a a thin film (2.4-μm height), b a stack of nanoparticles (30-nm diameter, 30 nanoparticles), c a nanorod (100-nm rod diameter, 2.4-μm height), and d a NH (100-nm rod diameter, 400-nm helix diameter, 2.4-μm height) on a 500-nm FTO film. The scale bar on the right represents the magnitude of the electric field. e A schematic of specular and diffuse reflectance and f measured specular and diffuse reflectance of a 6-μm WO3 dense film and of the WO3 NH array as a function of the difference between the angle of the detector (AOD) and the angle of incidence (AOI) (30°). The inset shows the schematic measurement configuration

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