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Fig. 6

From: Tunneling in Systems of Coupled Dopant-Atoms in Silicon Nano-devices

Fig. 6

Single-electron tunneling via a cluster of several strongly-coupled donors. a Schematic illustration of a QD formed by several strongly-interacting P-donors; the QD exhibits a molecular-like energy spectrum. b First-principles calculation of projected density of states (PDOS) spectrum for a 5-nm-long Si nanostructure containing a small number (3) of interacting P-donors. PDOS is plotted by different colors at the location of different P-donors, indicating the splitting of the ground state energy levels. c Low-temperature I D-V G characteristics, exhibiting a number of consecutive current peak envelopes (as marked by dashed boxes). Each current peak envelope contains steps (inflections) as modulations of the tunneling current due to discrete energy states induced by strongly coupled P-donors [19]

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