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Fig. 1

From: Controlled Fabrication of Nanoporous Oxide Layers on Zircaloy by Anodization

Fig. 1

FESEM images of close-packed ZrO2 nanoporous structures prepared in ethylene glycol with 1 wt% H2O and 0.3 wt% NH4F for 5 min at different voltages of a 30 and c 90 V, respectively. b and d are nanotubular structures derived from a and c by aging for b 40 min and d 2 h, respectively. e XRD patterns of an as-anodized (black line) and an annealed (red line) ZrO2 nanoporous structure. The annealing process was carried out at 500 °C for 12 h in a vacuum (red line). m and t denote monoclinic and tetragonal phases of crystalline ZrO2

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