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Fig. 3

From: Growth of a Novel Nanostructured ZnO Urchin: Control of Cytotoxicity and Dissolution of the ZnO Urchin

Fig. 3

SEM images and a shematic presentation of ZnO nanostructures grown on the substrates. a SEM images of ZnO urchin2. b SEM images of ZnO NWs grown on a hollow sphere (urchin’s acicula). The weight ratio of source materials was 3:2:1(C:ZnO:SnO2). c A schematic illustration of the formation of hollow ZnO urchins: the process involves the formation of i) Au and ii) Au + Sn catalyst nano-droplets; iii) polyhedral Zn discs on a silicon substrate; iv) the formation of spheres from the Zn discs, an oxidation of the spheres to form a thin layer of ZnO; v) the sprouting of small ZnO NWs, a continuous evacuation of the Zn core; and finally vi) the growth into hollow ZnO urchin2

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