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Fig. 7

From: Growth of a Novel Nanostructured ZnO Urchin: Control of Cytotoxicity and Dissolution of the ZnO Urchin

Fig. 7

Cell viability of MDCK after (a) 7-day and (b) 24-h growth on the surfaces. Cells were grown both on the substrate (left columns) and on the same cell culture wells around the substrate’ position (right columns), either without PVDF-HFP coverage (a), and substrates with or without PVDF-HFP coverage (b). The viability of cells was estimated on the basis of the fluorescence values obtained by the NRU assay, normalized to the viability of the control group, i.e. the cells grown on cover glass (location of cell growth: substrate) or around it (cell culture wells). Analysis of each column was according three to four replicates

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