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Table 1 Performance characteristics of the custom-built multifunctional UV-lithography tool

From: Step-and-Repeat Nanoimprint-, Photo- and Laser Lithography from One Customised CNC Machine

Characteristic Minimum Maximum
LED irradiance (mW/cm2) 45.0 102.0
Laser power (mW) 0.18 1.00
Imprinting load (kg) 0.10 High (not measured)
Length displacement (mm) 0.001 390.000a
Breadth displacement (mm) 0.001 290.000a
Head speed (mm/s) 0.001 25.000
Working temperature (°C) Room Temperature 150
  1. aAlthough the CNC head may displace to the tabulated maximum, with the documented hotplate functioning as the substrate mount, the displacement is limited to the mount area of 150 mm square