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Table 2 Comparison of the converted CNC machine criteria to purposely built commercial counterparts (data for which was determined from official data sheets; Suss power density was given for the discrete wavelength, whereas EVG was approximated for broadband spectrum range 300–500 nm)

From: Step-and-Repeat Nanoimprint-, Photo- and Laser Lithography from One Customised CNC Machine

Model Custom tool Suss MA/BA6 EVG 770 NIL Stepper
Price $ $$$$ $$$$$
Power density (mW/cm2) @ 365 nm 102.0 7.1 ~20.0
Desktop unit Yes No No
X/Y accuracy (μm) <50.0 0.5 0.5
Optical alignment No Yes Yes
Maximum substrate (mm) 390 150 300
Active force control Yes No Yes
Imprint environment Air Air Vacuum/inert gas
Temperature control Yes No No
Laser lithography Yes No No