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Fig. 2

From: Emission Characteristics of InGaN/GaN Core-Shell Nanorods Embedded in a 3D Light-Emitting Diode

Fig. 2

a Cross-sectional STEM image of GaN NRs showing the filtering of dislocations, suppressing their penetration into the GaN NRs. The HR image indicates the single-crystalline property of a GaN NR. The Fourier-filtered transformed (FFT) diffraction pattern (DP) was obtained from the HR image of a GaN NR. b Cross-sectional STEM image of the InGaN/GaN-MQW-based single core-shell NR under low magnification. The squares display the regions from which enlarged STEM images were obtained. ce Thicknesses of QWs and QBs at different positions of the core-shell NR. The yellow and green lines indicate the QW and QB thicknesses, respectively

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