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Fig. 2

From: Incorporation of Ln-Doped LaPO4 Nanocrystals as Luminescent Markers in Silica Nanoparticles

Fig. 2

a: Emission spectrum (red line, λ exc = 250 nm) and excitation spectrum (blue line, λ em = 611 nm) of 4 nm LaPO4:Eu3+ NCs in ethanol. b Decay curve (red line) of 611 nm Eu3+ emission for 4 nm LaPO4:Eu3+ NCs in ethanol excited at 465 nm, τ = 3.9 ms, and the radiative decay curve with QY = 1 (blue line), τ = 6.5 ms. c Emission spectrum (green line, λ exc = 280 nm) and excitation spectrum (blue line, λ em = 543 nm) of 4 nm LaPO4:Ce3+, Tb3+ in ethanol. d Decay curve of 543 nm Tb3+ emission for 4 nm LaPO4:Ce3+(1 %),Tb3+(5 %) NCs in ethanol excited at 487, τ = 5.3 ms, and the purely radiative decay curve (blue line), τ = 6.9 ms. See text for details concerning the calculation of the purely radiative decay curves

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