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Table 3 Examples of marketed liposomal for anesthesia drug and other drugs

From: New Updates Pertaining to Drug Delivery of Local Anesthetics in Particular Bupivacaine Using Lipid Nanoparticles

Trade name Nanoparticle platform Drug Size Indication
 Doxil/Caelyx (Janssen) PEG-liposomes Doxorubicin 100 nm Kaposi’s sarcoma, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, combination with bortezomib in multiple myeloma
 DaunoXome (Galen) Lipid nanoparticle Daunorubicin 45–80 nm Kaposi’s sarcoma
 DepoCyt (Pacira) Lipid nanoparticle Cytarabine 20 μm Malignant lymphomatous meningitis
 Marqibo (Talon) Lipid nanoparticle Vincristine 100 nm Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
 Myocet (Cephalon) Lipid nanoparticle Doxorubicin 80–90 nm Combination therapy with cyclophosphamide in breast cancer
 Diprivan (Fresenius Kabi) Lipid emulsion Propofol 180 nm Anesthesia
 DepoDur (Pacira) Lipid nanoparticle Morphine 17–23 μm Postsurgical pain
 Exparel (Pacira) Lipid nanoparticle Bupivacaine 24–31 μm Anesthesia
 Abelcet (Sigma-Tau) Lipid drug particles Amphotericin B 2–5 μm Aspergillosis
 AmBisome (Astellas) Liposome Amphotericin B <100 nm Antifungal, leishmaniasis