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Fig. 8

From: Enhanced performance of CH3NH3PbI3−x Cl x perovskite solar cells by CH3NH3I modification of TiO2-perovskite layer interface

Fig. 8

(Color online) a Nyquist plots of PSCs modified by CH3NH3I solution with different concentrations measured at the bias voltage of −0.8 V (close to V oc) in the dark, b Equivalent circuit employed to fit the Nyquist plots. Solid lines in a are the fittings of the experimental data using the model in panels b and c. Recombination resistance (R rec) of PSCs obtained from b as a function of concentrations for CH3NH3I. d The ratio of shunt resistance (R sh) to series resistance (R s) and FF as a function of concentrations for CH3NH3I

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