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Fig. 4

From: Formation of Pt–Zn Alloy Nanoparticles by Electron-Beam Irradiation of Wurtzite ZnO in the TEM

Fig. 4

a HAADF-STEM image of a NP and its surroundings. b EEL spectrum image for the O-K edge (532 eV) acquired over a region including the NP framed in Fig. 4a. Dimensions of the scanned area were 10.65 × 16.73 nm2, corresponding to a spectrum image with 14 × 22 pixels of 0.76 × 0.76 nm2 pixel size. The dwell time per pixel was 1 s. The total acquisition time including a process time was 12 min 23 s. The aforementioned dwell time was determined to minimize electron-beam damage of the NP during EELS. c Separate EEL spectra integrated over the white framed regions in b

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