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Fig. 5

From: Formation of Pt–Zn Alloy Nanoparticles by Electron-Beam Irradiation of Wurtzite ZnO in the TEM

Fig. 5

Schematic diagram showing the formation of Pt–Zn alloy NPs. The formation of the Pt–Zn alloy NPs seems to be related to the atomic weights (or relative atomic masses) of these ions. The atomic weights of Pt (195.078) and Zn (65.409) are larger than that of O (16). Since the Pt and Zn ions are heavier than the O ions, the metal ions are more probable to stay longer around the hole, resisting electrostatic repulsion. By accepting specimen electrons from the surroundings, a current of electrons that is induced by the positive charging of the irradiated region to achieve current balance, they can form Pt–Zn alloy NPs with a higher fraction of Pt

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