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Fig. 5

From: Inhibition of HIV Virus by Neutralizing Vhh Attached to Dual Functional Liposomes Encapsulating Dapivirine

Fig. 5

The binding of free J3/J3 linked to liposomes to recombinant gp140 (CN54) was compared in ELISA. Gp140 was immobilized on the plate, and Vhh was detected with anti-myc-HRP. Irrelevant Vhh (lab5) and liposome-irrelevant Vhh were included as negative controls. Values are means ± standard deviations of three replicate measurements in one representative experiment of three independent experiments. *From one-way ANOVA, significant differences were observed (p < 0.001) between lipo3-J3 and the other liposome formulations or free Vhhs

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