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Fig. 1

From: Performance of Nano-Submicron-Stripe Pd Thin-Film Temperature Sensors

Fig. 1

SEM micrographs of the nano-submicron-stripe dual-beam Pd temperature sensors and an onsite Cr/Pd control sensor. a A device with an onsite stripe heater and a temperature sensor. b An enlarged image of the sensing area highlighted with a red frame in a. The distance from the heater to the junction is 2 μm. c–e Magnified SEM micrographs of the sensing region of Pd sensors as highlighted in b.These sensors have total widths of 430, 590, and 710 nm, with stripe widths of 210–80, 310–70, and 310–100 nm, respectively. f SEM micrograph of onsite Cr/Pd control sensors with same shape and material of the onsite heater as Pd sensors in a. g Magnified SEM micrograph of the sensing area as highlighted in f. The beam width is 500 nm

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