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Fig. 3

From: Performance of Nano-Submicron-Stripe Pd Thin-Film Temperature Sensors

Fig. 3

Calibration results with Cr/Pd thin film thermocouples. a Calibration result of Cr/Pd onsite thermocouples with beam widths of 500 and 300 nm. The inset is SEM micrograph of sensing region of the Cr/Pd sensor with a local heater. b Measured data of 4-cm-long Cr/Pd thin film thermocouples with stripe width of 100 μm. The temperature is calibrated with a homemade platform [31]. The data are linearly fitted. c Temperature increases under different heating powers of 4-cm-long Cr/Pd thermocouple and single-layer Pd sensors. The calibration results of the two methods match well with each other. The ΔS value is calculated as 9.8 ± 0.5 μV/K based on a and b

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