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Fig. 5

From: Performance of Nano-Submicron-Stripe Pd Thin-Film Temperature Sensors

Fig. 5

SEM micrographs of the central region of the platform. a SEM picture of a sensor array of nine dual-beam sensors and an onsite heater. Three blue arrows point the pre-patterned Pd leads. The beams of the sensors are 200-μm-long approximately. b Magnified SEM micrograph of the central sensing part marked with a yellow frame in a. The heater stripe is 5 μm in width, and the sensor array contains nine sensors in a 3 × 3 array in a 15 × 15 μm2 area. c Enlarged SEM image of the sensing part marked with a red frame in b. The configuration of the sensor is 1.5 μm–200 nm in width. d Overlapping region of the lithographic leads and EBL beams marked with a red frame in a. The wide beams are pre-patterned photolithographic leads, and the narrow beams are EBL-made cold ends of the sensors. They are all made of 90-nm-thick Pd thin film with overlapping length of 10 μm

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