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Fig. 6

From: Performance of Nano-Submicron-Stripe Pd Thin-Film Temperature Sensors

Fig. 6

Experimental results of the sensor array. a SEM micrograph of a sensor array on a testing platform. The nine sensors are numbered from “1” to “9” with heater “H” located left aside. The heater is marked with “H”. The inset shows the microscopy graph of the central region of the device. b Raw output data of sensor 1 with heating currents of 6 and 20 mA. c Measurement results of sensors 1, 4, 5, and 9. ΔT values are calculated with ΔS of 0.75 μV/K and with ΔV being average value after stabilization. The data are linearly plotted. d Temperature decrease versus distance to the heater of sensors 4, 5, and 9 under seven different heating powers. The three sensors are 22.7, 31.2, and 39.7 μm away from the heater

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