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Fig. 1

From: Streptavidin Modified ZnO Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator for Detection of Tumor Marker Mucin 1

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of FBAR biosensor to detect MUC1 biomolecules. a The basic configuration of the ZnO-based FBAR. b Streptavidin was self-assembled on the active area of the FBAR as the sensitive layer. c In the absence of MUC1, the biotin is shielded in the AuNPs-MUC1 ampters chelates and cannot be captured by the streptavindin immobilized on FBAR. d When the target MUC1 is present, the immune binding between MUC1 and the thiol-biotin modified-aptamer reacts and makes the biotin exposed, as a result, the biotin can be captured by the streptavindin immobilized on FBAR

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