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Table 1 Comparison of electrochemical performance with previously reported structure

From: l-Cysteine-Assisted Synthesis of Urchin-Like γ-MnS and Its Lithium Storage Properties

Material Current density (mA g−1) Reversible capacity (mA h g−1)/cycles Reference
Urchin-like γ-MnS 500 823.4/1000th This work
MnS nanoparticles C/5 470/100th [12]
γ-MnS/rGO 200 600/100th [16]
Hollow micro-sphere MnS/RGO 500 830/100th [17]
Coral-like α-MnS@NC 500 699/400th [18]
MnS-C 500 636/100th [19]