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Fig. 3

From: Tuning of Rashba/Dresselhaus Spin Splittings by Inserting Ultra-Thin InAs Layers at Interfaces in Insulating GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells

Fig. 3

CPGE spectra for samples A–D induced by Rashba- and Dresselhaus-type SOC normalized by the common photocurrent I 0 at the angles of incidence from −30 to 30 °C with a step of 10 °C. a, c, e and g are the CPGE current induced by Rashba-type SOC, and b, d, f and h are those induced by Dresselhaus-type SOC. All of the spectra are shifted vertically for clarity. The vertical dash lines indicate the energy position of the transition of 1H1E. The solid lines are guides for eyes

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