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Fig. 8 | Nanoscale Research Letters

Fig. 8

From: A Protein Nanopore-Based Approach for Bacteria Sensing

Fig. 8

Electrical characterization of P. aeruginosa (P.a.) interaction with the α-HL at acidic pH. Comparison of P.a.-induced ion current blockades through the α-HL recorded at pH = 4 and ΔV = −70 mV, in the absence (a) and presence of the trans-added CMA3 peptide (b). In c and d, we show the events scatter plots of ΔI block and dwell times of the free and P.a.-blocked α-HL corresponding to the representative traces shown in a and b. The comparison of dwell times distribution corresponding to the “free pore” reveals the virtual absence of the CMA3 peptide effect on bacterial cells association to the nanopore

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