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Table 1 The deposition parameters of the PVD and ALD processes

From: Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of PVD-CrN Coatings by ALD Sealing Layers

PVD deposition parameters ALD deposition parameters
Al2O3 TiO2
Deposition temperature 350 °C Precursor (TMA) Cooling;
10 °C
Precursor (TTIP) Heating; 60 °C
Deposition time 2 h Reactant (H2O) Cooling;
10 °C
Reactant (H2O) Cooling; 10 °C
Working pressure 4.8 × 10−3 Torr Purge gas N2; 50 sccm Purge gas N2; 50 sccm
Ar flow rate 60 sccm Deposition temperature 150 °C Deposition temperature 150 °C
N2 flow rate 30 sccm Line temperature 100 °C Line temperature 100 °C
Bias voltage 100 V Growth rate 1.5 Å/cycle Growth rate 0.3 Å/cycle