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Fig. 4 | Nanoscale Research Letters

Fig. 4

From: Modeling the Effects of Nanopatterned Surfaces on Wetting States of Droplets

Fig. 4

The free energy difference between the W and CB states as the function of hole height H h under different nanohole radii (a). bd are phase diagrams of wetting states of the water droplet on hole-patterned surfaces. In each panel, the inserted square dots represent experimental measurements compared with our model and the black line delineates the division between the W and CB states. Hole spacing of center-to-center D h = 300 nm, experimental data from Ref. 35 (b); D h = 3 nm, experimental data from Ref. 36 (c); D h = 250 nm, experimental data from Ref. 37 (d)

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