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Table 1 Summary of types and energies of Zn x Cd1 − x S QD emissions

From: Composition-Tunable Optical Properties of Zn x Cd(1 − x)S Quantum Dot–Carboxymethylcellulose Conjugates: Towards One-Pot Green Synthesis of Multifunctional Nanoplatforms for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

Emission ZnS Zn0.75Cd0.25S Zn0.50Cd0.50S Zn0.25Cd0.75S CdS
Excitonic emission
 Defect activated emission (eV) E1 (VS–VB) 2.56 2.42 2.21 2.02 2.03
E2 (VS–IS) 2.42 green 2.24 green 2.07 yellow 1.91 red 1.90 red
E3 (VS–VM) 2.27 2.07 1.89 1.71 1.71
  1. Italicized values indicate the maximum PL intensity and visible emission color