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Erratum to: Infrared Reflectance Analysis of Epitaxial n-Type Doped GaN Layers Grown on Sapphire

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The original article was published in Nanoscale Research Letters 2017 12:397


In the original publication [1] was equation 2 not correctly displayed in the online PDF.

Furthermore reference 1 and 2 were incorrect. The correct versions can found below:

Incorrect equation in the online PDF:

$$ {T}_{l/\left( l+1\right)}^{s/ p}=\frac{1}{t_{l/\left( l+1\right)}^{s/ p}}\left( \exp \left( i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right)-{r}_{l+1, l}^{s/ p} \exp \left( i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right){r}_{l, l+1}^{s/ p} \exp \left(- i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right) \exp \left(- i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right)\right), $$

Correct equation in the online article:

$$ {T}_{l/\left( l+1\right)}^{s/ p}=\frac{1}{t_{l/\left( l+1\right)}^{s/ p}}\left(\begin{array}{cc}\hfill \exp \left( i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right)\hfill & \hfill -{r}_{l+1, l}^{s/ p} \exp \left( i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right)\hfill \\ {}\hfill {r}_{l, l+1}^{s/ p} \exp \left(- i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right)\hfill & \hfill \exp \left(- i{\delta}_l^{s/ p}\right)\hfill \end{array}\right), $$

Incorrect reference 1

1. Manasreh MO, Weaver BD (2001) Local vibrational modes of carbonhydrogen complexes in proton irradiated AlGaN. Mater Res 692:403–409

Should be exchanged with this one:

  • Davis RF (1991) III-V Nitrides for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications. Proc IEEE 79: 702-712

Incorrect reference 2

2. Sun WH, Chen KM, Yang ZJ, Li J, Tong YZ, Jin SX, Zhang GY, Zhang QL, Qin GG (1999) Using Fourier transform infrared grazing incidence reflectivity to study local vibrational modes in GaN. J Appl Phys 85:6430–6433

Should be exchanged with this one:

  • Xing H, Keller S, Wu Y-F, et al (2001) Gallium nitride based transistors. J Phys Condens Matter 7139: 7139-7157

The equation in the online article has been updated to rectify this error.


  1. 1.

    Tsykaniuk BI, Nikolenko AS, Strelchuk VV, Naseka VM, Mazur YI, Ware ME, DeCuir EA Jr, Sadovyi B, Weyher JL, Jakiela R, Salamo GJ, Belyaev AE (2017) Infrared Reflectance Analysis of Epitaxial n-Type Doped GaN Layers Grown on Sapphire. Nanoscale Res Lett 12:397. doi:10.1186/s11671-017-2171-0

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Correspondence to Bogdan I. Tsykaniuk.

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The online version of the original article can be found under doi:10.1186/s11671-017-2171-0.

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