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Table 1 Parameters in Eqs. (2)–(4) for estimating plasma charging current density during BEOL processes

From: Charge Splitting In Situ Recorder (CSIR) for Real-Time Examination of Plasma Charging Effect in FinFET BEOL Processes

Parameters Definition Unit
Q FG Floating gate charge V
C T Total capacitance of the floating gate F
ΔV T Threshold voltage shift V
α RG Coupling ratio from the read gate  
V ANT Antenna gate potential V
V FG Floating gate potential V
V FB Flat band voltage V
α ANT Coupling ratio from antenna gate  
J p Plasma charging current density A/cm2
Δt Plasma process duration sec
C ANT Capacitance of the metal antenna F
A ANT Area of the metal antenna cm2