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Fig. 5

From: Raman Mapping Analysis of Graphene-Integrated Silicon Micro-Ring Resonators

Fig. 5

G-2D correlation plot showing data for three line-scan measurements across the graphene-integrated MRR. The red crosses are points taken where the graphene sits ON the MRR structure with the purple dot representing the average of these coordinate values and the blue crosses where the graphene is suspended across the MRR (OFF the underlying structure). The red dot is the unstrained, intrinsic coordinate value for graphene with 633-nm laser excitation, which defines the origin. The dashed line denotes the strain-free (p-doping) vector with ∆ω2D/∆ωG ~ 0.7, and the solid line denotes the doping-free (strain) vector with ∆ω2D/∆ωG ~ 2.2, after [34]

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