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Fig. 4

From: Triphenylphosphine-based functional porous polymer as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO2

Fig. 4

SEM and EDS mapping images of a, d, and e TPDB, b, f, and g TPDB-BP, and c, h, and i TPDB-BP-TEA. TPDB, TPDB-BO, and TPDB-BP-TEA all show amorphous morphology (a). After the modification with BP and TEA, TPDB-BP-TEA shows no main changes in the structure, but its surface became rough with some agglomerated blocks (c). EDS mapping image validates the homogeneous distribution of P and Br elements in the polymer framework of TPDB (d, e). The amount of Br increased obviously (f), and a new element O was observed (g) after the modification of TPDB with BP. After the further modification of TPDB-BP with TEA, a new element N was observed (i), and the amount of O element increased significantly in the image of TPDB-BP-TEA (h). These images confirm the successful immobilization of BP and TEA on the TPDB framework

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