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Table 1 Simulation parameter for imitating the behavior of trap-assisted tunneling and Vo- generation process of forming operation

From: A Study of the Variability in Contact Resistive Random Access Memory by Stochastic Vacancy Model

Parameter Illustration Value
R ij Localized resistance of Vo- site  
V ij Potential  
R oxide Localized resistance of oxide site 18 MΩ [34, 35]
N Iteration time  
E Electric field  
ϕ Electric potential difference  
d Tunneling distance  
C Vo- Vo- concentration  
R ini Initial resistance state  
P ij Probability of Vo- generation  
P g Threshold switching probability  
R forming Resistance after forming operation  
V f Forming voltage  
α Fitting parameter 1660
β Fitting parameter 1.3
γ Fitting parameter