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Fig. 4

From: Enhanced Photovoltaic Properties in Sb2S3 Planar Heterojunction Solar Cell with a Fast Selenylation Approach

Fig. 4

Energy level analysis of Sb2S3(Se) solar cells. a Ultraviolet–visible near infrared transmission spectroscopy (b) variation of (αhv)2 as a function of the photon energy (hv) of Sb2S3 films under different treatment conditions. c PL spectrum of vacuum prepared Sb2S3, Sb2S3(Se), and Sb2Se3 films. UPS spectra of d Sb2Se3, e Sb2S3, and f CdS. g Model of composition distribution and h energy levels along vertical depth of selenized Sb2S3 film. i An image of selenized Sb2S3 devices sample

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