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Table 1 Description of 24 full factorial design

From: Lyophilized Hybrid Nanostructured Lipid Carriers to Enhance the Cellular Uptake of Verapamil: Statistical Optimization and In Vitro Evaluation

Factors (independent variables) Low level High level
 A: Homogenization time 20.00 min 30.00 min
 B: Solid lipid (Compritol 888 ATO®) 270.00 mg 285.00 mg
 C: Liquid lipid (oleic acid) 15.00 mg 30.00 mg
 D: Surfactants (Poloxamer 188: Tween 80®, 1:1) 200.00 mg 300.00 mg
Responses (dependent variables) Constraints
 PS (nm) Minimize
 PDI Minimize
 ZP (mV) Maximize
 EE (%) Maximize
  1. PS particle size, PDI polydispersity index, ZP zeta potential, EE entrapment efficiency