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Fig. 6

From: Electronic Properties of Armchair Black Phosphorene Nanoribbons Edge-Modified by Transition Elements V, Cr, and Mn

Fig. 6

The spin-up (solid) and spin-down (dotted) band structures of a V-, b Cr-, and c Mn-13-APNRs under a transverse electric field of strength \( \mathcal{E}=0,1,\dots, 5 \) V/nm. d The band gaps of Mn-n-APNRs versus \( \mathcal{E} \) for up spin (\( {E}_g^{\mathrm{up}} \), solid lines) and down spin (\( {E}_g^{\mathrm{down}} \), dotted lines) with n = 9, 11, and 13. e The gap difference \( \Delta E={E}_g^{\mathrm{up}}-{E}_g^{\mathrm{down}} \) versus \( \mathcal{E} \)

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