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Table 5 A range of nanoparticle conjugates that have been examined for anticancer therapy

From: Magnetic Functionalized Nanoparticles for Biomedical, Drug Delivery and Imaging Applications

Type of nanoparticle Size (nm) Medical delivery application Ref
PEGylated AuNPs conjugated with TNF 30–34 Delivery of TNF to cancer cells targeted by the TNF itself, TNF induces cell apoptosis [158]
AuNPs conjugated with folic acid using a PEG linker 10 Delivery of folic acid (vitamin B9), a precursor for nucleic acid production [159]
AuNPs loaded with doxorubicin 30–40 Delivery of doxorubicin-loaded gold nanoparticles for tumor targeting/therapy [160]
AuNPs coated with a tumor specific uptake peptide 25–40 Drug delivery to lymphoma cells with gold nanoparticles conjugated with cellular uptake peptides specific to lymphoma cells [161]