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Table 3 List of parameters used for numerical simulations

From: Towards Digital Manufacturing of Smart Multimaterial Fibers

Parameter Expression Value
Core radius r core 2 μm
Fiber radius r fiber 140 μm
Fiber length h fiber 15 mm
Thermal conductivity of Si k Si 149 W/mK
Thermal conductivity of SiO2 k SiO2 1.3 W/mK
Si–SiO2 surface tension coefficient σ 0 1.5 N/m
Air–SiO2 surface tension coefficient σ 1 0.75 N/m
Si tangent coefficient of isothermal expansion α Si 2.5 × 0−6 K − 1
Softening temperature of SiO2 T s 1710 °C
Melting temperature of Si T m 1414 °C