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Fig. 1

From: Potent anti-tumor immunostimulatory biocompatible nanohydrogel made from DNA

Fig. 1

The images of CpG-MCA gels and CpG-RCA gel. a Agarose gel electrophoresis image of CpG-RCA gel (R12) and CpG-MCA gels (R4M4 and R4M8). Lane 1, DNA MW standard marker λ-Hind III digest; lane 2, R12; lane 3, R4M4; lane 4, R4M8, lane 5, DL5000 DNA marker. SEM images of R12 (b), R4M4 (c), and R4M8 (d). TEM images of R12 (e), R4M4 (f), and R4M8 (g). Black scale bar is 3 μm; red scale bar is 1 μm; white scale bar is 500 nm

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