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Fig. 7

From: Photocatalytic Applications of Heterostructure Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Pollutant Degradation, Hydrogen Gas Production (water splitting), and CO2 Reduction

Fig. 7

(A) XRD of (b–g) g-C3N4/Bi2MoO6 composites with different g-C3N4 content (a) Bi2MoO6 (h) g-C3N4 (B) TEM images of (a) g-C3N4 (b) Bi2MoO6 (c)g-C3N4/Bi2MoO6 composite (C) SEM image of (a) g-C3N4/Bi2MoO6 showing corresponding elemental (C, N, Bi, Mo, and O) mapping. Reproduced with permission [35]. Copyright 2014 Royal Society of Chemistry

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