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Table 3 Studies of g-C3N4 heterojunctions on Carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction

From: Photocatalytic Applications of Heterostructure Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Pollutant Degradation, Hydrogen Gas Production (water splitting), and CO2 Reduction

Photocatalyst Source of light Application Performance Ref.
g-C3N4/ZnO 300-W Xenon arc lamp CO2 reduction 0.6 μmol h−1g−1 CH3OH [124]
SnO2-X/g-C3N4 500-W Xenon lamp CO2 reduction 22.7 μmol h−1 g−1 CO, CH3OH, CH4 [125]
BiOI/g-C3N4 300-W Xenon arc lamp (λ > 400-nm cut-off filter) CO2 reduction 17.9 μmol g−1 CO [61]