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Fig. 2

From: Highly Stretchable All-Rubber-Based Thread-Shaped Wearable Electronics for Human Motion Energy-Harvesting and Self-Powered Biomechanical Tracking

Fig. 2

a Power generation mechanism of SATT at stretching-releasing process. b The simulation results of the potential distributions using COMSOL software. c The resistances of conductive threads with the length of 5 cm at different strain mounts. d The tensile force experienced by different numbers of conductive threads as functions of strain amount. e The tensile durability test of the SCT within 100% strain. f The output voltages and currents of conductive threads at different strain mounts. g The open-circuit voltage of SATT with a length of 5 cm at 100% strain. h Enlarged view of the area indicated by the dashed black box in panel g

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