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Fig. 1

From: Electrospun Polytetrafluoroethylene Nanofibrous Membrane for High-Performance Self-Powered Sensors

Fig. 1

a Schematic diagram showing the two-step fabrication of PTFE nanofibrous membrane: (1) electrospinning to obtain PTFE-PEO nanofibrous membrane and (2) thermal treatment to remove PEO from the electrospun PTFE-PEO nanofibrous membrane. b Digital photograph and c SEM image of the PTFE nanofibrous membrane with the inset showing a magnified view. d FTIR spectra of the (1) pristine PEO, (2) pristine PTFE, (3) electrospun PTFE-PEO nanofibrous membrane, and the (4) PTFE nanofibrous membrane, with the dashed orange lines indicate the main peaks of PEO

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