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Fig. 6

From: First Principles Study of Penta-siligraphene as High-Performance Anode Material for Li-Ion Batteries

Fig. 6

Band decomposed charge density contours for bands a No. 10, b No. 12, and c No. 13 of the penta-siligraphene (P-Si2C4, Fig. 5a) and band d No. 13 of the lithiated penta-siligraphene (Li4Si2C4, Fig. 5d). The yellow (large), gray (middle-sized), and purple (small) spheres are Si, C, and Li atoms, respectively. The charge density contours are displayed with transparent red (with isosurface value of 0.02 e/Å3) and blue (with isosurface value of 0.01 e/Å3) colors

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