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Table 2 The Li adsorption energies/heights at different sites on the unit cell of P-Si2C4. The adsorption height is defined as the vertical distance from the Li ion to the P-Si2C4 center plane. The numbers in the parentheses are corresponding values with vdW corrections

From: First Principles Study of Penta-siligraphene as High-Performance Anode Material for Li-Ion Batteries

  H site T site B1 site B2 site
Ead (eV) − 1.905(− 2.048) − 1.732(− 1.903) − 1.922(− 2.053) − 1.713(− 1.834)
Height (Å) 2.066(2.064) 2.241(2.233) 1.629(1.627) 2.670(2.654)