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Fig. 3

From: One-Drop Self-Assembly of Ultra-Fine Second-Order Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystal Nanowires

Fig. 3

a Absorption spectra of DAST NWs, NCs, and bulk crystals and fluorescence spectra of DAST NWs and bulk crystals excited by a 407 nm laser. b Fluorescence images of DAST MCs (top left), a DAST NW (center), and the DAST NW at different polarization angles (bottom). c Optical setup for TPEF measurements. d Top view of a DAST NW with 1064 nm laser input. e TPEF image of a DAST NW upon irradiation by the 1064 nm cw laser. f TPEF spectra of the DAST NW at different input laser intensities, where the inset shows the logarithm of the TPEF intensity as a function of the logarithm of the input laser intensity

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