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Fig. 2

From: Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Acetylene on Codeposited Bimetal Catalysts Increasing Graphene Sheet Continuity Under Low-Temperature Growth Conditions

Fig. 2

Optical images and Raman spectra (inserts) of a amorphous carbon as the result of an attempted graphene synthesis for 7 min C2H2 exposure on 50 nm pure Ni catalyst at 450 °C and b successful graphene synthesis following the same parameters as a on codeposited Ni-Au catalyst, please note the dark spot in the top of image b is an area of multilayer graphene and was captured to add contrast to help identify the surrounding monolayer area. There is an obvious improvement created by the addition of 1 wt% Au as this is the only variable changed to allow for the drastic shift from amorphous carbon to graphene. Labeled in a are the key peaks used for graphene characterization. For b, we calculate I2D:G = 1.2, FWHM2D = 48.5, ID:G = 0.68, and ID:D’ = 5.0

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