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Table 1 Device parameters used in the experiment and simulation

From: A Portable Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Real-Time Respiration Monitoring

Dielectric tribo-pairPTFE-nylon
Thickness of nylon plate d1 (μm)30
Relative permittivity of nylon εr12.55
Thickness of PTFE plate d2 (μm)100
Relative permittivity of PTFE εr23.8
Permittivity of vacuum ε0 (pF/m)8.854
Load resistance R (MΩ)500
Area of the dielectrics S (cm2)25
Surface charge density σ (μCm−2)86
Maximum separate distance A (mm)8
Cycle length of the excitation pattern T (s)1.4952
Speed of sliding outwards / inwards v1 / v2 (m/s)0.02/0.016
Ratio of the exhalation time to the whole breathing cycle η0.267